Book Review: The Anglo Files


I was perusing a bookstore when I came across this book, and other than loving the cover and the title, I read the summary and thought it would definitely add to my understanding of English culture, so of course I bought it.

The Anglo Files is by Sarah Lyall, a journalist who moved to London after meeting her English husband at a book fair in Germany. In this book, she writes about how she’s come to understand Britain through it’s culture and main aspects of life. Her writing is exceedingly witty and truly hits a lot of subjects of British culture very hard as she explores why English people are the way they are.

As with Londoners, I actually haven’t finished the entire book, because I’m trying to enjoy it as slowly as possible, but if you want to pick up something that will give you an American perspective on London, and perhaps might even help you to understand it better, I’d fully suggest reading this. As someone about to become an expat in England herself, I really appreciate Lyall’s opinions on the UK and hope to write my own book in this fashion someday when I come to understand England better.

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Book Review: Londoners


I actually shouldn’t even be reviewing this book since I’m not actually finished reading it yet, but I’m trying to savor it slowly so I don’t just rush through it in a day. “Londoners,” by Craig Taylor, is a compilation of interviews he did with people in London. Through this book, you get a lovely look at life in London, and start to get a feel for what makes a person a Londoner. It doesn’t just someone who’s lived there their whole life, or someone who even moved there as a young adult and decided to stay. It shows every race, culture, age, class and gender of people who found themselves in this thriving city, and what they love and hate about it.

As someone who loves to read feature stories on people and learn something about why people ended up where they did and how they got there, this book is exquisite. I hope to collect stories like this myself and possibly put together a book like this, and “Londoners” is definitely an inspiration to me to actually do that.

If you want a peek at life in London from so many diverse and interesting people. I fully suggest this book. It’s parted into sections of life and each section has a few stories from individuals who definitely have something to say about London, whether good or bad, they explain their connection to the city, and it’s happy at times, and sad at others, but always shows the true life of a person living their life in the city.

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